Magento Apps Benefits & Features

Add customization into your Magento App. Our expert developers are always there to make your App Stand out with your own fonts, colors and themes.


Meet your customer where they are with a single Mobile Solution. Deliver the mobile experiences your customers demand with native apps in AppStore and PlayStore


Send notification to customers about the latest offers, discounts and deals leading to increase sales and cut the marketing cost.

Website Synchronization

MageApp23 lets you sync with your Magento eCommerce store with Seamless Integration. Now make your business Go Mobile.

Secure Payment

Collect payment securely and seamlessly. Magento App comes with secure payment gateways for your eCommerce business.


Turn your visitors into promoters

Transform your eCommerce business into a fresh shopping experience


Uncover customer’s insights with MageApp23. Reveal the depth of understanding them and get the pattern of behavior and likes of your customers. Optimize your marketing strategy through our app and then, let your sales do the talking!


Marketing and social media brand management integrated together – two birds at one throw; effortlessly figure out how to optimize your marketing campaign with MageApp23.

Magento mobile app with source code

Magento Apps suits all sizes of business today. You can transform your eCommerce business into a fresh shopping experience. Customizable features, on-demand Source Code, easy integration, cut in cost and time can accelerate your eCommerce Business experience.

Customization to Stand Out

The highly customizes features of MageApp23 ensures to stand out in uniqueness with great customer engagement by highly customizable notification system. Since the source code is open for any kind of integration, you can merge new features.

Technical Service

Our team of prominent programmers, content developers and designers is also there to provide any on-demand exclusive features for your MageApp23 on some pay per hour basis at $20 per hour.

Building from Scratch is Expensive

You can start a whole new eCommerce solution using web framework from the scratch. But it is about the time, this would take to come up with a solo enterprise solution for your business. You certainly have not forgot the fact of adding some extra money.


Uplift your sales with MageApp23

Your compact online revenue generator.


The highly customizes notification system of MageApp23 ensures lower marketing cost with great customer engagement by the highly customizable notification system.


A Team of prominent programmers, content developers and graphic designers are serving you to go big in the market. Let the A-pp ease the business management for you!


We know that you understand your customers better which is why we will be listening to your feedbacks for delivering your perfect app.

Can I see Any Demo

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  • Native Smartphone and Tablet Apps
  • All the features needed to manage a mobile channel
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Basic (iOS or Android)
NO Source Code
$ 550

Basic (iOS and Android)
NO Source Code
$ 750

Single domain (iOS and Android)
With Source Code
$ 1000

Still not sure? Our FAQs might help

If you've got more questions and we'll do our best to answer.

  • Q. What editions of Magento is MageApp23 compatible with?

    Currently MageApp23 Compatible with upto magento 1.9. We are working with current version of magento. Which will be available soon.

  • Q. What platforms of MageApp23 do you have?

    MapgeApp23 has both ios and android version.

  • Q. How do I get a free magento mobile app?

    Please visit Contact us.Then Fill up the form. Our team will contact with you. You can also contact with us through phone call or skype.

  • Q. What is the time diruation of trial period?

    You can get 30 days trial period to observe this app.

  • Q. Is MageApp23 a one-time purchase or does it have an annual fee?

    There is no annual fee. But if you want to customize your app then you will have to pay hourly.

  • Q. How can I purchase MageApp23?

    You can Buy MageApp23 through direct payment to bank account or cash on hand.

  • Q. I want to do some customization, how much will it cost?

    If you want to customize your app to add more feature, you will have to pay $20 per hour

  • Q. Is there is refund policy?

    Yes we have 100% money back gurranty. Gurranty period is 2 weeks.

  • Q. Do you have any demos for mobile app?

    Yes we have. You can test without any cost

  • Q. What are the differences between MageApp23 and other providers?

    MageApp23 is customizable. We have 100% money back gurranty and future updates are also available

  • Q. Which Payment methods/ gateways does MageApp23 support?

    All popular payment gateways are supported by MageApp23. Also we can add additional payment gateways according to your need.

  • Q. Can I make some changes with existing features ?

    Yes, you can change.

  • Q. After purchasing MageApp23, how do I start using it?

    After purchasing we provide you manual. You can begin using MageApp23 by following this manual.

  • Q. Do you have installation service? How much does it cost?

    We do the 1st time installation for free.


We will add your logo in these apps and change the color theme of the apps according to your brand. Then we will upload those apps to the Google play store and iOS app store.

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